Heating issues Navio2 - Raspberry PI3 new model B+


Running Navio 2 on the brand new Raspberry PI3 new model B+

Noticed that its generating a lot more heat and I believe this is due to B+ needing more power.
I have two B+ board running with Navio2 and second PI running by itself .

The Navio2 one generates a lot more heat and feels uncomfortably warm. Am powering this thru the standard BEC connected to Power on Navio2
I feel something about power requirements for the new B+ with navio2 doesnt work well.

Anyone else noticing hear issues with Navio2 and new B+ PI ?



Thanks for your report! Could you please tell us if this is the same Navio2 generating more heat on a B+ or another one?

Either way, we’ll look into it more thoroughly later in the beginning of the next week.

This is a second Navio2 (new)

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