Ground Control Points with one RS

Hi All - New poster here but looking into purchasing a RS for setting ground control points for helping improve the accuracy of my photogrammetry. Is it possible to get by with just one rover to set ground control points and post process them afterwards or do you need a second RS for a base station while collecting points? If it is possible to use just one, what kind of accuracy are you seeing? If using only one RS is a possibility could someone share how they post process their points for accuracy?

Yes, but you need correction data (downloaded from a service f.e.)of some sort so get cm accuracy

Cm accuracy is possible

Thanks for the feedback. So you list the additional following equipment that you used:
1x Phone with hotspot, lefebure ntrip, autocad360 and connection to internet
1x CPOS ntrip, provider of correction data (VRS base)

Do you have to be connected to the internet while you are collecting the points or can you collect the points and do this back in the office? I am a little fuzzy on what the lefebure ntrip and CPOS ntrip do and how you are using them while watching the video. Looking at their websites now but if you can provide a bit more of a description it would be really helpful.

Edit : I should also mention that some of the sites I work at are pretty remote with very poor cell reception. I take it this might not work in these areas very well? Would you recommend getting a base station for something like this?

No, it can be done later. Many services provide correction data that can be downloaded after a survey job is done.

Lefebure is an app used on smartphones to forward bluetooth signals sent from Reach and substitut (mock) phones gps with Reach positioning data. CPOS is our national correction service. Its named something els in other contries.

Post processing would be a good choice here
Edit: Tough recommende baseline (distance between base and rover) is 10km, longe ranger is still possible.
Many services have VRS option that virtually set at base pretty close to rover

Thanks for the great information, I will look into this. One last follow-up question.

What services have you used in the past? Do you typically need to shoot a known monument so that the post processing can be more accurate/calibrated?

CPOS. Also tried others from users here at emlid when helping them out.
I usually work on constructions sites and also lucky enough to have a known point nearby to use with base/rover setup.

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