Grade control indicator

Anybody using reach for elevation/grade indication on earthmoving equipment?


Can you tell us a little bit more about your project, please?
What accuracy level do you need? What’re the environmental conditions?

Basiclly it would be to stakeout a elevation with RS2,RS+ mounted on a machine


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It would need to be able to to a lot of bumps and still be able to get fix because machine moves around a lot at a fair speed. Environmental conditions

I use FieldGenius to do this now but it would be nice to just use Reachview. All you would need is to stake out a preset elevation or a slope if you could draw a line between 2 points and stake out the line . Elevation stakeout would be nice though for now :wink: not to get greedy :smiley: .That would even work doing stake work by hand you would not need a rotating laser and reciever .

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As there’re no updates from @cedargeo, unfortunately, I’ll answer your question, @davehofer1993 :slightly_smiling_face:

The environmental conditions in the photo seem to be good. Also, you should have no issues with holding fix when driving bumps. Reach RS2 can hold it in really challenging conditions.

We already have stakeout in 3D mode, so you can work with point elevation.

Unfortunately, there’s no workaround for drawing/stakeout lines in ReachView but it’s on our to-do list.

Stay tuned!


Thanks for the info .

Hello as of today we are using a RS+and damping platform [] mounted on a scraper and RS2 as a base . Fieldgenius as a grade indicater . Works very good .



Any thoughts on this website?

Edit: mute the music in the video or it will drive you nuts.

Will have to check it out…

Some Reachview screenshots


Some awesome stuff for a little $$$$



Where is the setting in FG that shows in your grade indicator photo:

Is this a custom FG package for grading only?

stake elevation

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Thanks. Found it digging through the stake menu. Just never seen it before.

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Like you said . :smile: though about using FG, after you get used to it, it’s easy, but not very easy for some).

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dave can I get your contact info. I would like to discuss this more indepth.

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