GPS: undefined


I have just tested my Reach system according to the quickstart docs in the open field, I have 5 satelites with SNR levels above 50, however the system won’t fix, it’s status is not single, float or fixed, it says: Status: undefined.

Can anyone help me with this?

If not, try here

The strange thing, compared to that post, is that I get the gray bars, however both the mode and status remain on undefined. See screenshots below.

Left the rover, right the base:

Base settings:

Rover settings:

Did you updated to 0.4.9?

Yeah, I have reachView 0.4.9 installed both on the rover and the base

  • pick a different config file
  • save.
  • pick reach_single_default.conf
  • save.
  • working???
    • if yes, then :smile: and go back to reach_kinematic_default.conf
    • if no, then :frowning: and try something else.