GPS mount for DJI Phantom 3?

I’m looking to mount my Tallysman antenna onto a DJI Phantom 3, but the proximity of the blade tips to the top of the quad means I can’t fit a ground plane on very well. Has anyone successfully integrated a receiver, mast and ground plane onto a Phantom?

I’m thinking of perhaps removing the top of the phantom and installing a bracket to screw a small mast onto the top of the dji… Or even worse, foil tape across the top plastic shroud and placing the gps antenna in the middle. But I think that would be pretty horrible.

I previously had the antenna mounted onto a cd, attached to a horizontal boom. But that placed it below the motors, which seem to have really stuffed my reception, which I guess is to be expected.

Something like this? V3 will have a 1cm bigger radius groundplane to improve multipath removal while on the ground

and topic you may be interested are…

Be aware the wifi on the DJI swamps the reach wifi so no status updates once the drone is lit up.

Nice… But I was of the belief the ground plane had to be around 10cm diameter. I guess it would block the airflow for the quad though. I wonder if anyone has experimented with a mesh of some kind. Or if it was mounted somewhat higher.

How is that mounted? I think I can see the reach ziptied to the hind legs, is the entire unit simply ziptied to the legs? Looks neat in any case, thanks for sharing.

L angle aluminium between legs tie wrapped in place and an aluminium ‘bent spoon’ for the aerial.
Two new tie wraps per battery change.
Once off the ground the multi path issues diminish massively. But you are right. It should be bigger but it would shield the internal gps as well as negatively impact rotors.

Ah, got to account for the internal GPS, of course! I guess your set up is about the best to be hoped for on a closed product like the Phantom. Thanks for the info.

In Australia with the new sub 2kg commercial class. The DJI is a great package, hugely capable so worth building the work arounds for.
Sub 2kg = no pilot license , no remote operators company training… free just registration.

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