EMLID’s next big goal should be GPS+INS system, so a short-term GPS outage would still have no impact on surveying.

Hi Vusal,

I can see where you’re coming from. Not getting a solution because of the GNSS unavailability is disconcerting at best. We don’t have such support planned for now. However, we’ll definitely think if it’s something we can integrate. Thanks for the request!

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INS-aided GPS or GPS-aided INS is what a regular surveying market is currently in need. Surveying or staking out in a dense forest or urban area with Reach RS2 is currently not possible. EMLID seems to overlooked this functionality.

There are manufactures that offer dev kits and solutions on the subject today.

I personally think investing time and resources now to fuse INS with Reach RS2 in a very near future would be a very prudent decision.

Hi Vusal,

We’ve created Reach to be an RTK receiver. This is what it’s designed for. Dense forest is indeed not a proper way to go with the GNSS-based receivers, you’re right. Urban areas are very different but the close environmental changes can really be extremely difficult to work with.

Such functionality is not the easiest thing to add. Still, we understand how it can be beneficial overall. Still, for now, I can’t promise a fast solution here. But we’ll definitely think about it within the team!

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