M2 imu

Currently M2 already has IMU on it .will this IMU data logging on the raw data.if Yes how can I extract the roll,pitch information?

Hi @Kalai_Selvan,

You’re right, Reach M2 has a built-in IMU unit. Still, there’s no easy way to extract its data within the app. We don’t use it in the internal calculations either.

To have such details on a drone, I recommend going for the external IMU. I can’t suggest anything specific but our users have shared some ideas on which one to use on our forum. You can also use a ArduPilot’s forum as a go-to in such questions.

What is the m2 imu chip?

It might not be worth using anyway. Currently the best per dollar is bosch Bno08X (080,085,086) $30 on alixpress with breakout board. Very stable unit, for very low cost.

MEMS IMU hardware and stability changes have been happening very rapidly lately.

Hi @PotatoFarmer,

You’re quite right :slightly_smiling_face: . The best decision here is to get some external IMU since the data from M2 IMU isn’t used in the calculations. Thanks for sharing the possible choice of the device!

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