Got a serious issue with ESC calibration please help

We a building a quadcopter similar to those of Igor’s build except for the esc we replaced Qbrain with emax 4 in 1.
we are using FLYSKY i6 TX and FLYSKY ia6b receiver since it has ppm output. we did all connection part just as it has been mentioned in the emlid docs. we calibrated the RC,COMPASS AND ACCELO in apm everything went fine.
lastly it was the ESC calibration we needed to do. we ran over the emlid forums and video for esc calibration and we followed the same what one guy in this video does
so we followed these steps

step 1: made sure there were no props.
step 2: disconnected the gcs connection.
step 3: kept the transmitter on with throttle max pos.
step 4: turned on the plugging the batt to power module. before that we also made apm autostart on boot.

results seen after performing these steps

  1. there a musical tone and the led lights started circling around. hope we entered the calibration mode.
  2. disconnected and reconnected the battery with throttle high… but this time there is no musical tone or any such thing. no beeps or such things were heard.
  3. so what we did turned off the power in the computer by sudo poweroff.
  4. disconnected the battery and reconnected with throttle high and heard musical tone after musical tone we heard some beeps we lowered down the throttle to min there was series of beeps. after a while motors started to spin all at once after we rised the throttle.
  5. we throught esc is calibrated.
  6. next we turned off the navio and plugged back on. but this time no unusal beeps the led blinks but when I rise the throttle the motors won’t spin
  7. another unusual thing is that the motors will run for 2 secs after sudo poweroff my navio.
    please help with this issue. is there any modification I have to do with navio or TX or RX or the method please help ASAP

The process to calibrate esc:

Set your receiver to PWM mode.
Power your RX with a BEC and separate battery.
Connect a servo to channel 3 to ensure that you’ve got the throttle channel.
Unplug servo and connect first esc.
Move stick to full throttle.
Power up quadcopter (and thus esc). Typically you’ll get a single beep from esc.
Lower throttle on transmitter. The esc should now beep twice, and then play a little tune.
Unpower quad.
Repeat for other escs.

If you dont have a separate bec, use one esc to power transmitter (on ch6 for example) while you calibrate the others.

make sense?


The thing is I’m using BEC built in ESC EMAX 4 in 1. And is that you are trying to tell that i need to power reciever with separate battery and calibrate each esc servo plug by plugging them into channel 3?

Yes, that is what I would do. Make sure your receiver is powered by a bec and not directly connected to battery. Then connect esc to rx, then go full throttle, then power esc with second battery. Then min throttle. Repeat.

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I did as you said sorry but it didn’t work out. And by the way i connected esc to gpio pins of navio. I put throttle to max in tx and turned on navio after complete boot it goes to calibration mode the led cycles. I disconnected the power and again connected the power this time after boot i hear musical beep with musical tone that time i put throttle down after series of beep i hear long beep and beeps goes on endlessly three motors slightly shake and later a single motor shake…then i push throttle up suddenly there is musical tone and constant beep i lower down the throttle and again power up throttle lightly it seems all motors rotate at same speeds except one motor a little lower speed. Later they spin at different speeds please help with this. I don’t know whether it is calibrated or not im in a fix. Im using emax esc 4 in 1 which has built in bec.

I only skimmed through your reply here, but it sounds like you did not follow the instructions @OzPup gave you.

One by one esc calibration does not involve the autopilot. Nothing should be connected to the autopilot for this calibration.

Carefully re-read the provided instructions, follow them exactly, and you will have calibrated ecs’s in no time.


okay I’m getting confused with the connections here since I’m a Newbie to quads.

I’m using the below ESC.

Same features of Qbrain. servo lead below.

the receiver I’m using shown below iA6B with ppm output. (not the one in the above image with esc)

Now please could you list the steps to do calibration again with the connections to reciever what I need to do.
I disconnected the power to navio and what’s next? could you list the steps again I’m getting confused and what I need to set in transmitter before proceeding.

Anyone out there feel free to correct me on this, but i will post what I would do if I was using this hardware…

1st I would seperate out your ground lead so you can connect it along with the individual signal leads. you need ground and signal connected at the same time to get proper calibration.

Then connect one of your signal leads to channel 3 (throttle channel) on your receiver (along with the ground lead).

Then follow the individual esc calibration process detailed on this page:

That should do it…

thanks my esc are calibrated. except two motors won’t turn until they are given little push. unfortunately the high spinning props made serious damage to right fingers. except for that can you suggest why that two motors i mentioned are to be manually rotated at first after giving the throttle. are they damaged or what?

Try swapping around the motors. It sounds like you might have two dud motors or some of the channels on your esc are dead. Also dont do this with the props on as you might have now learnt the hard way :anguished:

Ok i will try swapping the motors…has it anything to do with esc mapping cuz placed all motors randomly wired to the esc except the central wire goes to B for all 4 sides. Are my motors crashed or what?

Actually I have now exactly the same problem.

I’me using a FRSky Taranis x9d plus, X8R receiver and DJI ESCs 420 Lite.

I’ve tried to use the quad without Calibrating the ESCs (rookie mistake, but I read somewhere from DJI, that these ESCs shoudn’t need calibation) and I’ve noticed that one of the props was extremely lazy, thus I wasn’t able even to get it straight of the ground.

I’ve performed the all-at-once calibration (the props turn at this time), only to find out afterwards (after finishing the process and powering up the drone again), that no power is passing through, so I’m going to attempt the one at a time method.

The only thing is, currently I have both transmitter and receiver to work with 16 channels, thus 8 channels through SBUS and the other 8 (9-16) directly in the remaining ports of the receiver. In this current mode, I can’t connect the ESC in channel 3, because at that point it is channel 11.

My question is, if I change the mode from both transmitter and receiver to work only with 8 channels just to do the Calibration of the ESCs, will the range be the same as when I’m in the 16 channels mode? I.e, should the ESC be calibrated with the correct throttle range, when the calibration was done in 8 channel mode, although I’m changing it back to 16 channel mode?



P.S. Sorry for hijacking your post!

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