Getting fix solution with rover over Lora

Hello everyone, I am a new Emlid user and recently purchased an RS2+ and RS3. I am using the RS2+ as a base and the RS3 as a rover. I have a couple of issues so far.

  1. Getting my rover to show on the survey map. I followed the video tutorials and docs on how to set up the base and rover, but when I go into the survey tab in the Emlid Flow app, only my base shows up. When I connect to the rover wifi and go to the survey tab, it says that no receivers are connected.

  2. Achieving a fix solution on my rover. I am based in Paraguay, so connecting to a nearby CORS station is not an option. Connecting to an NTRIP Caster is not always possible because the internet coverage is not stable across the country, so I won’t have cellphone signal most of the time in the field. My base is setup with an Average Single solution and I successfully connected my rover to the base so it is receiving corrections over LoRa, but still, I can’t get a fix solution or my rover to show up on the survey screen.

Hi @guillermo.cazenave,

Sorry for the radio silence here.

The rover icon is not showing on the map because it fails to calculate its position. Based on your screenshot, it looks like the corrections from the base are not going through.

Could you please paste here the Simple System Report of your base and rover?

We’ve also written a support tip on how to configure LoRa for RTK on Reach RS2+/RS3. Have you had the chance to check them out? Does the issue persist despite following the recommended settings for your base and rover?