Geographic Cords (Lat / Long) Export (CSV) even when a local projection is used

Hi Team,

Love the new features in ReachView, local grids and Geiods very handy!

Would it be possible to also export the point Lat/Long even when a custom projection has been defined in the survey project. Useful for quality checks etc. and archive. At mo the CSV exports the surveyed cords as projected in project settings. Lat/Long would be good to at end of file.

PS The Irish Grid Projection you use (TM75) is probably the ‘older’ transformation mathematics not the ‘new’ Polynomial so there is a map XY shift between the RS2 projection and the official poly transformation of the same NetRTK corrected lat/long surveyed position (checked with NetRTK).

Any TM75 users in Northern Ireland / Ireland may notice this. Should not be a problem with IRENET95 Transverse Mercator popular in ROI as it was designed for GPS conversion. Heights seem good as you are using the new GEOID model OSGM15. I’ve tested our RS2 connected to our local CORS NetRTK network and getting same elevations as our ‘traditional kit’ - Leica etc,

Some Info / resources on Irish Coordinate Systems:




Hi Conor,

Thanks for your suggestion! It is on our roadmap. I can hardly provide an ETA at the moment, but we’ll post an update once there’s news.

Do I understand it right that you get the correct coordinates in IRENET95, but there is a horizontal shift between the known coordinates and those you’ve collected with Reach in TM75? If so, it would be interesting to investigate why it happened. May I ask you to provide me with the coordinates of the known points and coordinates of the same points collected with Reach to check the difference?

Also, please elaborate a bit on your setup. Does the rover get corrections from a second unit or an NTRIP caster? In what coordinate system are base coordinates provided?

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