Gardening with M2

Its warm enough to start putting in the garden. With auto-steer run off of an M2 was able to rototill perfectly straight at night. Then by setting implement width to the rear tire centres was able to mark out row spacing and dig a seeding trench for potatoes! My favourite! Then closed everything up with a hiller, made extra hills for carrots, beets, onions.

Getting RTK on a lawnmower was a bit of a joke at first, but it is turning out to be a very valuable addition. Since the implement size is so small you need the smallest overlap possible.


That’s some fancy rows right there!


I still need a harvester and a means of weeding without spray to expand the vegetables.

I have been planting one row a night after planting canola and barley. The air seeder has been showing me what not going to the gym over winter does, only 800acres in and I am super sore.



Thank you for sharing this! It’s awesome to see the results of the work you did with Reach.


oh, I love this!!! brings back many good memories for me and the early days of Emlid Reach.Have fun!


You referring to this one? :slight_smile:

That’s the first thing I thought about when I saw this thread!


Nice Kubota, but you have to get some automated steering, haha! How are you supposed to hold your drink and text your friends? Glad to know @Brent_W gardens with it too. Its a great idea.

If I purchased a new automated RTK steering system from Deere or Trimble it would cost far more than the tractor. Emlid made RTK possible at this scale, and without yearly subscription fees as well!

The M2 combined with auto steer also saves an hour and a third of a tank of fuel cutting the lawn. Only a few more days until I get to mow the lawn for the first time this year, very excited.


yeah. Same holiday a few years ago!


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