Reach RS precision gardening

In Canada, we celebrated Queen Victoria’s birthday on Monday, May 22. It’s the weekend the summer season informally starts and everybody celebrates it in different ways. Many celebrate it camping in the mountains but for us it’s always the weekend we plant our garden. As this can be tedious, this year I decided to make it a little more interesting by using Reach RS and navigation app on my Lenovo Yoga Android tablet.
First- set up tripod and turned on Reach RS.
Second,- mount second Reach RS on tractor and turn on.
Third - connnect to app via bluetooth.
Fourth - Adjust app settings for your navigation preferences and get to work!

Of course, I was only doing this for experimental purposes and for the fun of it, not commercial purposes, but I can confirm that the Reach RS connection worked awesome, no dropouts or need to reset for the entire time, that includes the bluetooth connection. I tried both AgriBus-Navi and efarmer and they both worked but I found the second one easier to work with than the first. Once again, I was impressed, no fix dropouts all afternoon except once when I drove to far under tree cover. All the pictures I post are holding a strong fix.


Awesome! Thanks for sharing. Nice tractor you have there :slight_smile: