Galileo M8T firmware is now available

Great thank you for the fast reply.

Ublox Ucenter has the function to flash firmware. If the Reach is connected to Ucenter, then a user should be able to flash the firmware.
You can access the M8T via Ublox Ucenter by ssh into reach module and then running:

socat /dev/ttyMFD1,b230400,raw,echo=0,unlink-close=0 tcp-l:4000,reuseaddr,fork

Open Ucenter and connect via tcp://URL:4000

then follow firmware directions provided by Ublox.

@lewissw We are well aware of this :slight_smile: But we would prefer not to force our users to do update this way and that’s why we are working on an automatic update utility built into ReachView that uses Ublox flashing protocol.

ok! what is the effect using galileo for reach. does it help to getting better solutions?
at the moment i am working with gps only > for me best an stable working!



I think Galileo will be more value in the future. It is still being deployed.

I believe that Glonass and Beidou will have more potential for now.

Galileo does have some changes in system design that should help under less than ideal situations( under poor sky views?). For now, I think it will be not first choice, but may add better performance in a few years.

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Wow, still no firmware from Ublox. I went ahead and used the 3.01 firmware for the M8N on one of my units and it works well getting the Galileo satellites but you definitely lose the timing messages not sure which is better :stuck_out_tongue: . I guess we just keep on keeping on.

We got required documentation and are working on implementing the update procedure. This is being done in parallel with more important features so do not expect it too soon :slight_smile:

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Igor, I was not commenting on the speed you are rolling things out but rather Ublox. The support Emlid provides their community is impressive and seems to have greatly advanced what would normally be called the lower end GPS field.

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Are there any known problems if Reach M8T is flashed to 3.01?
Is this the correct MD5 Hash of the firmware: 911f2b77b649eb90f4be14ce56717b49?
See also:

what is the status for updating m8t on reach to 3.01.
i think there are many advantages for us users?

what is the status of new reach view?

regards andreas

Why are the timing messages needed? RTKLIB does not use theses timing messages, as they are not definied in ublox.c.
The startup scripts for Reach UBX TIM TIM2 seem to enable the timing messages, but I don’t know why.

I have successfully flashed the SPG firmware and Reach works now with Galileo satellites.
Flashing was a bit complicated because it did work just after several tries. Be aware, that there is no way back at the moment.
The selftest during start-up ( will no more work, it has to be disabled.

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Hi Emlid team, do I understand correctly that with the new reach image 2.x versions, the M8T 3.01 firmware is used?


Actually, it’s not. After internal tests we discovered that RTKLIB requires some fixing before we can use this new firmware properly.

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Here a nice litte screenshot using the SPG firmware from u-blox with Reach and Galileo:
We are all waiting for a public release of the Galileo support. A public base station is used for correction signals.


How to enable Galileo UBX messages (if you flashed the new firmware at your own risk):

Edit file /usr/lib/python2.7/site-packages/reachview/app/templates/index.html:

  • Search for “galileo_select”
  • Remove the starting comment <!-- before and the ending comment --> behind in this area
  • Reboot device
  • Enable Galileo in the configuration
  • (Reboot device)
  • Galileo should be enabled, also in the configuration file /etc/reachview/current_config.json the setting rtk settings -> positioning systems -> galileo should change from false to true
  • When you update Reach, the changes must be made again

Thank you emlid, that the preparation is already done, now we are just waiting for the official release


How to enable RTCM3 1097 messages for Galileo:

Edit file /usr/lib/python2.7/site-packages/reachview/app/templates/index.html:

  • find “1127_select” and add the following text after the closing table cell </tr>:
  • reboot reach
  • Enable message in reachView
  • You can check the configuration in /etc/reachview/current_config.json: The configurations in rtcm3 messages should now contain an entry with 1097
  • You can also check the running processes using the command top in the console: you should find a running process with the following parameters: /usr/bin/RTKLIB/app/str2str/gcc/str2str -msg 1087(1.0),1097(1.0),1077(1.0),1006(10.0)

You can also add the Multiple Signal Messages 1077 (GPS) and 1087 (GLONASS). These messages can be used instead of 1002 (GPS) or 1010 (GLONASS). The Multiple Signal Messages contain more information than the simple signals, e.g. Doppler measurements:

You should keep an original copy of the edited index.html!
Have fun!



Now that there appears to be a working version of RTKLIB with Galileo and UBlox M8T, will there be an upgrade coming anytime soon? I seem to be able to satisfy my needs for now with the beta 2.2.4, but initial tests seem to show lower time to first FIX and more consistent FIX with GPS+GLO+GAL+SBAS. But, I’ll take any improvement Emlid can add.

It is not clear to me it the M8T needs new firmware and Edison reflash to upgrade at that point.
Appreciate the good work…



I have an ublox neo 6 that i connect to an android tablet. I wish to knwo please what is the right configuration for stand alone positioning