Free or Low cost NTRIP corrections in North Texas?

From what i’ve read Texas seems to be controlled by Trimble and i’m sure their corrections service is not cheap.

Any ideas on where I can find corrections for north texas?


Check with Texas DOT, as they may have an operating network and access available. Have you checked the CORS map for station data in your area?


Thanks. I have seen that, and there are many posts about how Texas DOT only allows employees of TexDot or contractors to get access.

I will attempt to reach out to them directly though.

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Any luck? I’m in Houston also interested in NTRIP service near here.

It appears that the NGS site (CORS section) offers free corrections for post processing but I am not sure if they offer free real time corrections. I am in Virginia (close to DC) and also looking for free NTRIP corrections.

I know this is an old thread, but even at the current state Texas has no free NTRIP RTK services. The re is no NGS, RTKNET (Trimble) is paid for and the TXDOT network (same thing) only allows surveyors and contractors to connect when we are on one of their projects. Otherwise there posted data is free for PPK.

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