NTRIP services in Texas

Any opinion on the best non-free NTRIP services for Texas? Looking for high value since I’m doing zero-income historical research but need a high-accuracy “known location” over which to stick my base unit.

If you don’t find anything that will work, and If you have a little time, you could create your own know point on site using PPP (OPUS) and then use Emlid Caster or Local NTRIP all with just your Emlid gear.



Thanks a lot, Dave. I think for the near-term, that is the way I’ll go when feasible.
One question for when I don’t have the 2-hours upfront to acquire a best-case OPUS log: is there a workflow available where I could do an estimated “known point”, do an RTK-type solution, gaining at least relative accuracy, then come back later and acquire a cm-level accurate base-point, and re-process?

If you have a reasonable baseline to a CORS station, you could obtain the CORS log (usually free) from the station for the epoch (time frame) of your collection, and use a PPK workflow to FIX the points collected.




This is what we do a lot of the time when we are less than 10 miles. TXDOT will not let you connect to their network live unless you are on one of there projects but they do post hourly observations which is basically the same thing after the fact (PPK).


Here’s the TXDOT network KML.

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Thanks so much for that. So, of course the cemetery I’m working on tomorrow looks to be > 14 miles from the closest station (Gainesville). It’s at 33.5295, -96.966. Should I go the Opus route on one like that?

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It depends on the accuracy you need. It will work but you loose accuracy as you get further away. You can find that in your manufacturer’s specs but generally I see around H: 5 mm + 0.5 ppm V: 10 mm + 0.8 ppm.

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