France - vertical-datum |UPDATE RAF18b

Hi EMLID support,

in the RS2 doc il looks like the RAF18 Geoid grid model is being used when working in France…

However the French National Survey Agency (IGN) has recently made an update (january 2021) of the French datum to match ETRF2000 @ epoch 2019.0.

Consequently the Geoid Model has also slightly changed, IGN updated it, and RAF18 is no longer the most up to date Geoid Grid to use when working in RTK in France.
now it’s RAF18b

I do not know if ReachView3 is downloading the Grid directly to IGN server… in any case the RAF18b is accessible here

would it be possible to update REACHVIEW3 to RAF18b ?


Hi Antoine,

Thanks for the request! We’ll think about how we can implement it.

looks like the REACH RS2 web document has been modified and reviewed !
this is more clear now when one wants to applied former or most recent geoid Grids used in France.
a good point.

thanks for that update.

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Hi everybody,

Here’s an update for you: the latest ReachView 3 6.12 update has included the RAF18b grid. We’ve added RAF20, too. Please update the app and check how it works for you.

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