FLOW 360 NAD83 Coordinate Help

I am so close to getting thing figured out but am stuck on one issue with coordinates. I have a DXF file that i imported of some points for a job in Nebraska. When I go to import the DXF file, it pulls the points but puts the project in Colorado. I have selected NAD 83 Nebraska from the Coordinate list but it does not help. Does anyone have any clues to what I’m doing wrong?


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Can you share the DXF? You can PM me a download link if you want and i’ll pull it up real quick. I suspect the CAD coordinates are not real but there’s only one way to tell.


After opening both they are definitely in arbitrary coordinates. The first test file had negative coordinates and the geometry in test 14 file was obviously based on 0,0.


How do I get this working. I have Field Genius that I use to open the CAD files.

I think I need to link it to a given control point in the field. Correct?

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Shoot, if you’re using FieldGenius, no point using Flow. FG full fledge survey software. It might be just a matter of moving all your points to correct control point(s). But yes, you can use the new Localize feature in Flow. (or FG of course).

Hopefully they have a easy to follow video soon.

Localization in Emlid Flow - News - Emlid Community Forum

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HA! Only @dpitman to the rescue!!! :man_superhero: :laughing:

Well, there ya go @csnoel !!!

Voiceover’s must be getting expensive :moneybag: these days? :woozy_face:

Just the messenger. The Emlid crew deserves all the accolades!

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Localization will work but @csnoel should move the objects out of negative coordinates first.

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Hi Chris,

Can you please share your DXF with me too? I’ll take a look.

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