Flashing blue light, but no network connection

Hi All,

I am trying to pull data from my units, but I am having WiFi connection issues. The lights on both units are showing solid orange, flashing blue, and solid green, but I get a dead page when I punch in the IP into my browser. Also, the units are not in hotspot mode. It seems like they are trying to connect to the WiFI, but failing. I’ve pulled data successfully before, so I am confused as to the cause of the problem. Any suggestions?

Similar problem was seen here: REACH RS blue light flashing - unit not working

Are you able to upgrade Reachview to 2.7.2?

I believe that is what I am running now. I upgraded last week. I haven’t ventured outside today to activate the Reach hotspot. so I haven’t gotten into ReachView.

Fast or slow blue light flashing?
Had issue like you with reachview prior to 2.7.2 but 2.7.2 seems to have fixed this. 2.7.2 was released 5.8
Before this i got around by booting reach up again in hotspot mode (turning of wifi or block it) and connect to reach hotspot and from there connect it to wifi.

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