Flash RS2 to 2.22.5

Hello, I’m having trouble with an RS2 and not being able to enable Mobile Data (using ATT) in firmware version 2.22.7
I had the Dev firmware enabled and was having problems with connecting to the RS2 when not using wifi. I connected to the RS2 on wifi, disabled dev updates, and used the Reach Firmware Flash tool to flash the unit to 2.22.7.
After flashing, I could not get the mobile data to activate (it had worked an hour earlier on the dev firmware), and I read of others using ATT that had similar trouble at version 2.22.7.
I then re-flashed the unit to 2.22.5, but as soon as I restart the unit, it forces me to update to 2.22.7.
How can I flash the unit to an earlier firmware version and NOT update to 2.22.7? Is there some way to skip the updater portion of the setup after flashing the firmware?

  • Ryan

Hi Ryan,

We’ve just released the new stable v2.24.0, a successor of the v2.23.9 dev firmware version. This version delivers some minor improvement on Mobile data management as well.

The latest stable firmware always contains many significant improvements and bug fixes. To make sure you don’t face any unpleasant issues, we recommend keeping the device up to date. That’s why it’s not possible to skip the firmware update at the moment.

It’d be nice if you have a chance to check how the new stable v2.24.0 works for you and share feedback with us.

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