Emlid Caster address error

Greetings to everyone, I was testing the new stable version 2.24.0 in the NTRIP connection on the Reach RS + devices sharing the internet from my IPhone SE 2020. The error that I present appears in the image but when connecting to the wifi of the home if I can make the NTRIP connection, I would like to know if someone knows how to solve that problem. Thank you.

Hi Santiago,

I’ve checked the base-rover link on my Mount Point, but I was not able to reproduce the issue. Could you please correct my understanding of your setup so that I could see what might have gone wrong:

  • The base is connected to the home Wi-Fi network

  • The rover is connected to the Internet via the mobile hotspot

  • The base and the rover are using the same Mount Point

  • Your Mount point on caster.emlid.com is switched on:

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Good morning everyone, when connecting to the WI-FI of the house the NTRIP service works.

When sharing internet to Emlid Reach RS + from the IOS cell phone, the service does not work
NTRIP, the same problem persists with an Android cell phone.

But to navigate the map if it works.

Hi Santiago,

Please, check with your SIM card provider if it is possible to share the Internet over the smartphone hotspot. Some carriers disable that function, that is why you may experience this behavior.

Also, could you PM me the Full System Report from your RS+ when it is connected to the iOS hotspot? It contains some info on the Wi-Fi networks which your RS+ use, so I will be able to look deeper into your case.


Hi, I had the same problem, i think the new version 2.24.0 doesn’t resolve adresses DNS, I had to entry the IP Adress (i mean 192.xxx.xxx.xxx)

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Could you please check if the same behavior persists when you access the caster via the IP address? In your initial post, you’ve been using the caster.emlid.com, the IP address for it is

I’ve checked your Full System Report and it seems to me that it was generated when your RS+ was connected to your home Wi-Fi network (named Flia Artega) rather than the iOS hotspot. If it was so, please, generate the Full System Report when the RS+ is connected to the iOS hotspot and send it to me.

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