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Hi, I am working with Emlid Reach PPK I have issue in Fix and Float,I don’t know how to avoid the Float value in PPK.Please share your disscussion about this.It may helpful for our further use.

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Jeya Suriya.R,
Nevar Systems Private Ltd.,

Unfortunately, you have not provided enough detail to get to the bottom of why you might getting float solutions. It could be baseline length, noisy data at either/both the base & rover, having different logging settings between the base and rover (constellations used, logging intervals [1hz, 5hz], etc. it would be useful to share your data or at least how everything was set up.


We got 100% float in some takeoff result, we don’t how to fix this problem as well as the reason for this problem.

Try to use only GPS satellites. I had the same problem recently and although the raw data was good when using GPS+GLONASS I got float solution.

Hi Jeya,

Can you please share your logs with me? You can do that using Google Drive or WeTransfer.

Hi Jeya,

How is it going? To investigate why you get the Float solution in PPK, I need to check your logs. If you want to keep the files private, you can share them via

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