First Build : Quadcopter : Navio2 : Do I need a separate PDB (Power Distribution Board)

All, I’m sorry if this seems like a trivial question. I did some searching, but I’m still not sure.

Here the breakdown of my first build: First Quadcopter Build v1.0 (Navio2)

Do I need to purchase a separate Power Distribution Board (PDB) for my autonomous quadcopter drone?

I see where I solder the motor ESC’s to the quadcopter frame.
Does this mean that the power distribution is handled by the Emlid Navio2 at the RC outputs?

ESCs are connected to RC outputs labeled from 1 to 14 on a 2.54mm header.
Only one ESC power wire (central) should be connected to Navio2 servo rail, otherwise BECs built in ESCs will heat each other.

On RC controlled non-RPi quadcopter builds I keep seeing the PDB, like this one:

Thanks for all your patience as I continue to learn.


  • Mark

The Navio2 power module + your quadcopter frame with soldering pads = the “quoted” power distribution board (more or less, you still may need 12 volts power line for some accessories and 5 volt bec to the servo rail).


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