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First Build | Quadcopter | Autonomous Drone | RPi 3 B+ Navio2

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My plan is to build an autonomous quadcopter drone.

  1. Name: Autonomous Drone Build v1.0
  2. Was sick a few weeks ago and had a dream about drones. I am a software engineer (Java, PHP, JavaScript, and more) and always wanted to integrate my knowledge and skill as a developer with hardware. A drone sounds like a pretty good project. I am from New Hampshire. I’m interested in practical applications of the drone in agriculture and more!
  3. Project Steps: Research, research, buy the parts, put the parts together, then do some test flights.
  4. Main components:
  1. Photos and Videos:

My constructed frame and the CanaKit still in boxes

  1. Documentation and building process: (more to come)
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(Tatiana Andreeva) #3

Hi @BinaryBlockDrone,

Welcome to our community forum!
Would be interesting to see the process of your drone building and the result :slightly_smiling_face:

(Mr. Mark) #5


I was able to place my order with Emild for the Navio2 and its estimated arrival date is Feb 1st. :smiley::disappointed_relieved: . Just a little bummed because I’ve got to wait a while.

I didn’t realize how much $$ would be a factor in this project… and that the parts are pretty expensive. I guess it can be more affordable depending on what a person wants to achieve. For instance, if you want a 4-5" FPV (First Person View) drone that you just operate with a controller… You can get everything under $100 USD. But, if you want something more complicated like autonomous… prices go up.

I still have the following on the “To Buy” and research list:

  1. Motors
  2. ESCs (Electronic Speed Controller)s
  3. Propellers
  4. Battery
  5. Camera (something connectable to the RPi [Raspberry Pi])
  6. Transmitter & Receiver (if I’d like to manually control the drone)
  7. Stabilizer pad for the RPi and Navio2 boards
  8. Any additional wires, cases, connectors

I will also post some of my research documentation (like terminology I’ve come across).

Thanks for the support. :+1:

  • Mr. Mark