Firmware for octa-quad

Hi, just getting Reach setup with Pixhawk - installing in an x8/octa-quad frame. I have not experimented with custom firmware for the Pixhawk, but I was expecting to find an octa-quad version of the copter 3.3.3-ERB firmware in the firmware download.

Will there be a separate release of X8 firmware, or is there a setting to change the frame type from flat octa to octa-quad in the ArduCopter-octa-v3.3.3-ERB.px4 version?

Thanks very much.


Hi! Sorry, some vehicle types went missing during the packaging. Will be fixed soon. I’ll update this thread when this happens.

great, thanks!

@Charlie_Robinson the package has been updated to include all vehicles. Please give it a try now and don’t forget to share the results of your test:) Remember to keep both antennas on big ground planes, not covered by obstacles and away from other electronics.

Thanks, all set up now, will take it out for a ground test later, but it all seems to be working. The setup instructions don’t mention disabling the wifi on the rover module, does that present an interference risk with the frsky link?

Cheers, look forward to flying this :slight_smile:

FrSky ACCST is really good at handling interference so that should not be a problem:)
We use it on our frames and never had a problem with RC\WiFi interference.

all up and running, tested on the ground, will get it out to the field for a test as soon as weather permits. Thanks very much, very straightforward…


Well, had a very brief window to get out today to fly. Unfortunately when I got down to the field the Reach that was configured as base station would not allow a connection - although my phone wifi hotspot showed the device as connected the LED stayed solid red and I can not connect to reachview. Don’t seem to be able to connect to the Reach in wifi setup mode either, led blinks green for a while then shows solid red again.

Are there any steps I should take before attempting to reflash the unit? Quite puzzling as I had the setup working perfectly less than 24 hours ago, and apart from moving to the flying field no change whatsoever to the configuration.

Charlie, which version is your base on?

I updated both units Reachview yesterday, so 0.3.0 I believe.

Hmm… Does it behave the same way when you turn it on at home? Would it connect your home router which you tested it with?

yep, the same, boots up (magenta, orange flashes, then green, then goes solid red. The Reach hotspot never shows up. The rover unit works fine!

Currently cannot flash the unit in question either, with the following message:

04/07/16 18:42:30.649 INFO : [Port 0/10/2/1] Qt: Untested Windows version 6.3 detected!
04/07/16 18:42:31.668 ERROR : [Port 0/10/2/1] Command "xfstkFlashTool.exe" "-1" "F:\Users\Charlie\Desktop\Drone stuff\Emlid Reach\ReachImage_v1.2\reach_image\reach_image\edison_dnx_fwr.bin" "F:\Users\Charlie\Desktop\Drone stuff\Emlid Reach\ReachImage_v1.2\reach_image\reach_image\edison_ifwi-dbg-00.bin" "F:\Users\Charlie\Desktop\Drone stuff\Emlid Reach\ReachImage_v1.2\reach_image\reach_image\edison_dnx_osr.bin" "F:\Users\Charlie\Desktop\Drone stuff\Emlid Reach\ReachImage_v1.2\reach_image\reach_image\u-boot-edison.img" "0x80000007" "none" "none" "0" failed
04/07/16 18:42:31.668 ERROR : [Port 0/10/2/1] Flash failed (Command type: Ifwi)

Ok successfully reflashed via cli, and setup and working correctly it seems. Any ideas for what might have happened to the unit would be great so I can avoid a repeat…




We will investigate how that could have happened. If this error occurs again we might ask you to perform some steps to help us debug it :grinning:

no problem, weather and time permitting should be able to test in the air tomorrow.

Hi Charlie,

I’ve made my best guess about what was going on in your case and pushed an update v0.3.1. It should minimize the chances of the same error happening again to practically zero.

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