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Is there a way to import a shapfile or kmz file into the reach app?

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Hi Ernie,

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Currently, ReachView 3 supports the import of the CSV files only. We’re working in adding more formats in future updates!

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that will work as well, is there any documents on how to go about this process?

Here is the docs for importing points in to ReachView. This document is specifically for Reachview2, but the process is similar in Reachview 3, but as Polina stated it only can take CSV currently. When you open the Import window, it specifies the header and column organization required for a correct import.

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thank you very much!

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I agree with Steve, the process is similar and you can use the guide above for the tips. I’ll attach the screenshots from ReachView 3 that describe the process.

  1. Create a project that you want to import to. You can use our video for the instructions

  2. Press the menu button on the project to import from the device

  1. Check the requirements and import the project

thanks again i appreciate it

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