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hello, good afternoon I have the android version of fieldgenius android
with this latest updated version or emlid Android app version 4.10 Beta and firmware dev 2.23.9 and I do not get the connection between the gnss and the software does not show the status fix and p.d. or I need your help to fix this situation

Is the Bluetooth connection establishing when you try to connect to the receiver in FieldGenius. Either way, try forgetting all the previous connections you had and the receiver profile and re-setup. FG for Android has been having some issues with Bluetooth, but it has been working for me in this latest version. What mobile device and Android version are you using. I had the most trouble with my Pixel 3XL on Google latest v10. I switched to another device and it has been solid ever since.

What data collector do you use for Fieldgenius for Android?
Is there any good data collector with sunlight readable screen?

is a samsung galaxy S9 previously worked very well

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I started using this one after getting tired of using my phone. :slight_smile: Super Rugged and an 8000mah battery.

Hi Abel,

Please, try forgetting the Bluetooth pair between your Reach device and your smartphone. Then create the Bluetooth connection with your phone again and a new profile and FieldGenius app, as Michael suggested. It will establish the connection between the Fieldgenius app and the Reach unit from scratch.

Please, let me know if that helped.

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I tried to delete it but it is not deleted to reconfigure from reach view and since it does not let me delete it persists the problem


Please switch off the Bluetooth connection on your Anroid device and check the Bluetooth connection in the ReachView. You should see the following:

Please, tap the cross button and reboot your Reach device. After the reboot you will be able to see that your smartphone is unpaired. Then, please, try to establish the Bluetooth connection from scratch.

It would be also great if you could test your setup with another Android device, if that is possible. By the way, do you provide the unit with some sky view so that it could obtain its position? Could you please share the screenshot of the Bluetooth menu from ReachView? It would greatly help me to understand what might have gone wrong.

Please, keep me posted.

I have another mobile but in that I do not have fieldgenius android , and works very well the detail that I press the x and does not delete or disable always appears linked


Could you please clarify, does the device name appear in Bluetooth field once you tapped the cross-button and rebooted the receiver?

You should be able to transfer the FG license to a different device. You’ll have to go to your portal and get the keys beforehand.

this is the answer that gives me fieldgenius


Totally forgot about that! I had to be shown the same thing…

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with this i have solutions

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Hi Abel,

I’m glad all is working fine right now.

We will add to our docs that FiledGenius for Android requires the messages in ERB format rather than NMEA. Thank you for sharing that.


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Hi guys,

A long time has passed, so I’m here to say that now we have the ReachView 3 app! It not only helps set up your Reach but also provides many nice features that were previously available only in 3rd-party software. More updates are on their way, so stay tuned!