Feature Request, RS2 NTRIP caster via Wifi for DJI RTK Drone

Hi Antonio,

We keep working on this feature.

good news.

bella notizia.

Hi Julia,
is there any news? I wanted to buy the second units but I would like to make sure the NTRIP Caster on the Reach RS2 is on the way.
Thank you

Ciao Julia,
ci sono novità? volevo acquistare le seconda unità ma vorrei essere certo che il NTRIP Caster su Reach RS2 sia in arrivo.

Also very interested in the local NTRIP caster directly from the RS2 specifically for use with our DJI P4RTK.

Ciao Julia,
Puoi anticiparci qualche novità? Manca molto?

it becomes very long since we ve start this topic… this feature is very important for most of us, several hundred / thousand users are waiting this feature… and the only information we have is : “still working on this feature”… how long time do we need to wait anymore?
it seems this feature wont be release ever.
Give us real news please


We have a roadmap and a release schedule. Sometimes, when we see high demand, we fit unplanned features into this schedule.

Even a well-planned feature takes time to implement and passes many stages before the release. Unplanned cases require even more consideration.

We are always frank with you. If we decide not to implement the feature, we’ll come to you with an explanation.

However, when the feature is released, we’ll tell you as well.


I am glad this is still being worked on as I am experiencing more demand for this feature and can’t wait to be able to fully utilise the rs2

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Hi there,

The news you’ve been waiting for! ReachView 3 6.14 with a local NTRIP caster feature is just released :tada:

Please make sure your devices are on the latest firmware version as well.


Good new !!! amazing team !!
Is it possible to do both at same time :

  • Casting a local NTRIP for the drone
  • Correcting a second RS2 by LORA

Thanks !!!

Excellent news! Emlid dev team and their customer support/forum team, you guys are great, thanks for listening to your customers


Вы все больны!


Could you explain or instructions how to use this feature?

Thanks and great job

Michael, I think I got what you meant to say, and thank you! But literally, it translates as “You have a severe illness” :sweat_smile:


haha…He’s using modern slang to pay you a compliment! But Google translate is not perfect.

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The tutorial is coming soon!

But there is also a small tip in the app:


Yeah, I like this slang too!


Ill like a Beastie Boy.



Thumbs up for the release. I have 2 questions.

  1. Is it mandatory to connect the base (rs2 or m2) to some wifi network so that the rover must be in the same network or does the feature work when the base is in hotspot mode? For example the base is in hotspot mode, then the rover connects to the reach wifi hotspot and receives the corrections via ntrip. Is it possible?
  2. What is the range of the wifi hotpsot of the RS2 or M2? Is it 50m?