Feature Request, RS2 NTRIP caster via Wifi for DJI RTK Drone

Oh absolutely agree that the ability for the unit to integrate with all manner of ecosystems is fantastic, I’m not having a go at them for that, it’s just that it seemed a bit dismissive to not consider the ability to do so and it’s great to see that they have decided to implement it.

The RS2 is a great unit, I have access to Leica GNSS gear and I’ll take the Emlid in almost all situations and with our second unit on the way I won’t even need to use the Leica base setup either, they’ve done quite well with the unit and app improvements.


I just want to add my vote for any/all DJI-related features/support through the RS2.

I have a pair of RS2’s, and I also have a DJI P4P2.0 Pro, as well as Teokit’s DJI RTK receiver board.

I often fly my phantom4 rtk in areas with bad cell coverage. Welcome to Australia :slight_smile: I use an Explorer mobile Satellite hotspot on my van which let’s me get ntrip corrections to the controller.


@julia.shestakova About this feature, it would be awesome if this feature able to either:

  • connect the RC of the drone directly to the hotspot wifi of the RS2 in order to be corrected in NTRIP
  • connect the RS2 to a hotspot (for example, a smartphone hotspot wifi). Connect the RC DJI to the smartphone’s hotspot wifi. And the RC DJI can be connected to the local NTRIP serv of the RS2.

Hi @ziok,

Thanks for sharing your suggestions. We will bear them in mind :slight_smile:

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Do you think it is possible to enable 2 differents way to output correction at the same time?
For example, in the case of the use of 2 x RS2 + DJI drone :

  • 1rst RS2 is set to base : correction NTRIP local (wifi) + correction LORA
  • 2nd RS2 is the rover : corrected by LORA
  • RC of DJI RTK drone : corrected by NTRIP local

Then I could fly my drone in RTK and my mate could take ground points with the second RS2 while my 1rst RS2 would be set to base at a fixed position.

Do you think a such workflow would be possible ? I mean, do you think you could release a such feature ? :slight_smile:


Hi All,

My company has developed a product that does what I explained in my earlier post. Basically connects a microcontroller running caster software to the ODU connector on the RS2, and produces a wifi hotspot you can connect your dji controller too.

We have tested it successfully on a few projects and works every time (apart from those times the DJI P4RTK refuses to work, but that’s a different issue, thanks DJI for your awesome software QC… :roll_eyes:).

If your interested in this device, send me an email at productsales@cross-solutions.com.au and if we get enough interest to do a production run I’ll send you a quote. I expect them to be around $150 USD + shipping but I haven’t fully costed them yet and it will depend on how many orders we get initially.


Hi @ziok,

Your requests make us think :sweat_smile: I’m interested too if it would work. It depends on how this local NTRIP caster feature is implemented, but, for now, the details are secret even for me. If it’s possible, we’ll do that.

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@svetlana.nikolenko No problem :wink: do not forget to give me a % of sells for giving you those ideas ! ahah or just telling me if it will be released before the end of 2021 !?

I’d prefer to give you a % :joy:

But if to talk seriously, we’ve just taken it, which means we’re at the stage of evaluating the amount of work. I understand that the earlier, the better. But I also understand that you and the other guys have plans linked to this release. So, I don’t want to fail you by providing the wrong timing.


Just to let you know that Yes I have plan linked to this release. My plan is to buy a second RS2 as soon as you’ll tell me this feature will be released soon. So yes, my credit card is waiting to your announce ! be ready to see your sells increasing a lot as soon as these features will be released !

Sure, I’ll let you know right away!

this is my birthday today, could you offer me an information : Has the first line of code been written? :slight_smile:

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Hi @ziok,

Happy Belated Birthday! :tada:

We’re getting there! This feature has already been taken into development. Can’t tell you the exact dates, though, but we’re working on it. Hope it can stand for a small birthday gift :sweat_smile:


Could you tell us if we have a chance to have this feature released before the end of 2021? This topic started in August, and you told us this would be released soon… thanks for any information about this feature and date. it is almost christmas and I would like to know if I can save my budget for a second RS2?

Hi @ziok,

We’ll update you once we get any info on it. But for now, there are still no exact dates.

However, here is the fresh news from our devs: the development process goes smoothly, without any unforeseen difficulties :slight_smile:


long time I did not heard you Julia.
Just to know if I can begin to save my money in order to buy a second RS2 before the end of the year? :slight_smile:
We are waiting this feature before buying a second RS2… would love to have any information… for example if yes or not it will be release in 2021?

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I await the same news to buy my second RS2.

Attendo la stessa notizia per acquistare il mio secondo RS2.

Hi guys,

NTRIP Caster on Reach RS2 is quite a complex feature, which requires deep investigation. Thus, we can hardly predict how much time its development will take. However, you can be sure that once the feature is ready, we’ll update this thread with the news.


Hi Julia,
is there any news?

Ciao Julia,
ci sono novità?

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