Feature Request, RS2 NTRIP caster via Wifi for DJI RTK Drone

Hi there,

Thanks for the clarifications. I think I got your point now.

Without going into detail, running an NTRIP server within the Reach network should be technically possible. However, I don’t see how it can be used in mapping with DJI drones.

As far as I understand, the actual NTRIP client is not a remote controller but a drone itself. In that case, the Wi-Fi range is too short to flight in RTK. It’s usually several meters. I suppose a drone will fly way further, and the connection between base and rover will be lost. So, such a method works exactly like TCP.

That’s an interesting discussion, so if you have another view, let me know! In my opinion, for now, it’s not only about base’s possibilities but drone’s ones as well.


With DJI drone, the NTRIP is connected to the Remote Controler, and not to the drone.
The remote controler manage the connection/correction to the drone with its own radio feed.

It means, in 99% of the time, my remote controler (which is the “client NTRIP”: the device connected to the NTRIP SERVER) is positionned at less than 10m of the RS2 during all the mission.
With the actual NTRIP EMLID CASTER solution, my base is at 10 meters to my Remote Controler.
Emlid send correction to internet NTRIP EMLID CASTER
My remote controler is connected to EMLID CASTER SERVER by internet with my smartphone hotspot to receive the correction.

It means, if RS2 could manage without internet a server NTRIP in local wifi Network, it would avoid me : INTERNET Connection + Smartphone device, and it would work 99% of the time because my Remote controler is at less than 10m from the BASE.

At the moment, with my Remote controler connected to the NTRIP INTERNET SERVER I can fly 5km in RTK.
With Wifi NTRIP I could also fly 5km in RTK because the Remote Controler would still be at 10m from the RS2.

That is why a such feature would be a hudge improvment for compatibility/use between DJI RTK drones & EMLID RS2 !!!

Do not hesitate to tell me if it is not clear !


I also would like to upvote this feature request. I would like to have the caster-Server on the EMLID Reach RS2. Thanks!


Hello, maybe using a rs232 wifi gateway module will do the trick connected using the RS2 to RS-232 cable.


I repeat, there is a workaround using :

  • RS2 Output TCP connected to a laptop
  • Create server NTRIP on laptop and output in wifi
  • DJI RTK remote controler connected as CLIENT NTRIP to the server NTRIP by wifi

But, this also means more batteries, more devices, more settings, more issues, longer to deploy… not really usable and efficency method on field for a daily use.

That is why all DJI RTK users need this feature release by EMLID in the RS2 without the need to add more devices. Since @julia.shestakova told us it is something technically possible, we are all waiting the next reply of the team to see if they will accept to release a such feature :slight_smile:


Hi there,

Thanks for your detailed comments.

You’re right. I got confused as I thought the drone itself has an LTE dongle, not a remote controller. Now it’s clear to me.

I see that such a feature may be indeed useful for DJI users.

However, in my opinion, the idea of NTRIP is lost if the server is running on Reach. In such a case, it will operate as a simple TCP connection, which is already supported by our devices.

Hopefully, one day DJI will come with TCP support. We’ll be the first ones who’ll test the compatibility :slight_smile:

thanks for information.
This is very sad for DJI RTK users.
It means we have to buy either DJI RTK Base or another brand who provide this feature. In fact, NTRIP SERVER in WIFI is a feature that some others brands propose… but more expensiv.

Of course DJI wont unlock TCP correction for their drone because they provide their own DJI RTK BASE that has this feature. And because RS2 has not this feature, DJI RTK Base is the cheapest option… even if it is a really really bad solution for any other task.

We are thousands of DJI RTK user, and this technology with DJI is growing.
I think by not release a such feature, you’ll avoid some customers… just my opinion…

In my case I already have 1 RS2, and if this feature was planned I would have bought another one.
So, it seams I’m going to try another brand for my second base, and I’m very sad to do not be able to use a 2cnd RS2.

We are thousands of users that are in the same situation at the limit of compatibility with EMLID and DJI :frowning:


Someone correct me if I’m assuming wrong as I’m not that knowledgeable in networking, but isn’t the NTRIP protocol just “TCP/IP with extra steps”?

Like, if the DJI controller can connect to the RS2 WiFi, I don’t understand why the DJI app couldn’t read data from a NTRIP caster unless Emlid’s NTRIP protocol didn’t conform to the standard, which I doubt it doesn’t since we’ve seen that other devices do work with it.

In my understanding of the @julia.shestakova reply, EMLID team just does not plan to develop a NTRIP server inside the RS2.
Even if it would work, they do not want to add this feature, TCP output seems enough even if it doesn’t able DJI RTK user to use it.

Conclusion: if you have EMLID base, you can only use DJI RTK if you have access to internet using Emlid NTRIP Caster… which is a huge limit for us.

This is crazy and sad, RS2 is only usefull for taking Gcps, and users of DJI RTK drones have to find another brand base station to be able to use RTK in any site.

Very very bad news…


Thank you DJI. The minor reason why we don’t run them.

Hi @julia.shestakova and @igor.vereninov,
I would also be interested in this feature.
It is a specific use case, but the shear number of DJI RTK drones would surely make this an idea worth pursuing.


hello, i have the same problem with a sensefly ebeeRTK , Im trying to find a solution.
maybe this article could help.

I still do not try, if you have news please be attentive.


Having the NTRIP-Caster-Server running locally on the Reach RS2 (accessible via wifi) would be a huge selling factor for the RS2 and a real competitor to DJI’s D-RTK 2!

But keep in mind, that for some Drones (i.e. DJI Phantom 4 RTK), the correction data is sent to the drone either via mobile-data or via Ocusync-Protocol. In that case you would still need the connection to Emlid’s Caster on the Internet.

Haha, the RS2 is twice the receiver that the D-RTK 2 could ever be. The D-RTK 2 is a piece of garbage using corrections via the radio which is why they market it running NTRIP. I know several people still messing around with it and not one of them are getting repeatable survey-grade accuracy when getting the corrections from the base. This is partially why so many people have been chasing PPK because if you don’t have internet it has been unreliable. We had one for almost 3 weeks and returned it.

that is why I agree wtih @SebastianStumpf , in fact in you know 3 person + you , who bought a D RTK 2 even if it is a piece of gabarage, and even if it is twice the price @michaelL in order to do RTK offline (without internet), it means there is a hudge selling factor if EMLID release this feature

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I would rather use CORS logs and PPK than use the DJI receiver.

It is a shame Emlid doesn’t wish to appeal to a growing market, by offering both an on and offline solution that would take away from the only benefit of a Drtk unit. I don’t wish to buy a laptop just to run TCP, the less gear to setup and worry about for a job be it surveying, inspection or SAR the better and it’s a shame that perhaps Emlid doesn’t understand the workflow restrictions as well as they should to be making decisions on its development.

You have to be fair though, Emlid tries to be as open and compatible with as many other devices as they can. It is DJI who tries hard to restrain their users into their closed ecosystem.

Just look how Reach were made retro-compatible with older agricultural machinery. It took some time but it was done.


Gabriel, thanks for always believing in us :emlid:


I don’t want to leave you all upset here, so here is the deal. We are scheduling the implementation of this feature shortly. However, I won’t be able to share the exact release date just yet. Though, based on the conversation with our devs team, it doesn’t feel it’ll take very long. So we will keep you posted :wink:


Hi @julia.shestakova This is an amazing new , can’t wait for this feature. For sure I’ll buy my second RS2 as soon as this feature will be available !

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