Feature request: provide the webinterface without time sync

Since I have updated to ReachView 2.16.2 I have the problem that I always have to but the receiver with antenna at a windows in order to access the webinterface. That was not the case before 2.16.2 (had units running 2.16.1 and 2.16.2 simultaneously) and it is very annoying. Could you please restore the original behaviour??


Reach doesn’t provide web interface until it completes time sync. It always worked that way and we didn’t change this part in the latest release.

Time can be synced without GNSS signal by providing Reach with the Internet access.


Hi @dmitriy.ershov,

thank you for the answer.

I think that is very strange because I always used to download the data at home without plugging in the antenna. And after I updated last week this is not possible anymore.

I have some other problems with the receivers too, so probably that is only the tip of the iceberg. But I will look into the internet connection thing too.

I also noticed that my Reach M+ module searches for nuew wifi networks while my first generation units don’t do tha. Ist that the normal behaviour?

Do you have “:5000” in the url?

No, I don’t. I simply get a connection time out.

Is it necessary to have the time sync before starting the web interface? I think that makes a quit frustrating experience.A message which tells the user that the time sync is required would be far more user friendly.

If you are at home and inside, then when Reach starts up, you should have a familar Wi-Fi network with Internet access for Reach to connect to. Then during boot up it can get a time sync over the network via NTP.

Otherwise if you don’t have a familiar network for Reach it will boot up in hotspot mode and you will need to take the receiver by a window or outside. Then during boot up it can get a time sync from the satellites.

So I think if you make sure you have your Reach set to connect to your home Wi-Fi, then you should get the normal behaviour you are looking for.

Of course, you are right. But often I’m some abroad and do not have internet. And I’m sitting in a house with tiny windows and just want to download all the data before I go to sleep after a long day to get up again in the early morning. Then it is just nice if you don’t have to do extra effort to get the units running.

Fun fact: we got new windows last autumn and now I often need to open the window to get satellite reception. :cry:

The other thing is that I didn’t know that the units need the time sync and I repeatedly thought the units are somehow unstable and often need several atemps to start.

But it is a problem to change the behaviour don’t mind.

You could always use scp to grab the logs and survey projects folder. You don’t need time sync for that. In a nutshell all you need to do is this:

  1. Connect to Reach’s hotspot.

  2. Then do this:

For those that don’t know, the trailing period (.) means to copy the files into the current directory. You could substitute that with C:\ReachLogs\today\ or any valid directory path.

Yes thank you, I think I will do that. I’m also working on a Python script with gui which does that for me for all my units (and then do further processing).


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