Reach M+ No Green LED

I didn’t see an M+ category so here we are…

I am having an issue where I have to sometimes reboot the M+ several times before I get a green LED and can actually connect to the device through the hotspot. Get blue pretty quick so I can see the wifi, just can’t connect.


There’s no need in rebooting Reach, just connect the antenna and provide clear view of the sky. You’ll see green LED once Reach completes time sync.

That makes sense. Typically I get enough signal in my office for it to go, but didn’t realize that could cause the issue. Thanks!

Maybe after the development of the new dual frequency receiver is finished there is enough time to implement a small change into the old modules to avoid that frustration in future… :wink:

I don’t really need a time sync to download the previous flights logs so yes it is a little inconvenient, but now I know.

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