Feature Request: Local Projection

Do you have any plans integrate to app local parameters projection based on library like https://trac.osgeo.org/proj4js/ ?

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Very popular request! You might search the forum a little and see if one of the existing threads matches well with your need. The bigger the thread the more recognition!

I’ve seached the forum and find NTRIP and Coordinate Systems
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I remembered the following that can help:
Standart RTCM 3.1 - added local parameters projection + MAC GG + RTN SSR (State Space Representation) messages (1057-1068)

Here some helpful links:

That will be good help for some, but I am very familiar with local coordinates in a couple of respects that is not shown. I am not sure which one you are referring to. There are “local” EPSG’s which are the standardized coordinate systems for zones or regions and there are grid systems which may or may not be derived from those EPSG projections. Usually they are a little different because they have been localized. A third would be a totally custom coordinate system where the X,Y matches no known projection and must be aligned to. One more I can think of is a survey or design that has a scale factor. This also causes folks who use Lat/Lon or directly translated State Plane issues.

Here is “7 parameters local calculation” based on difference of EPSG and local coordinates
For example it realised in Calson SurvCE - Localization (p.178)

I think the key here is the localization. This allows the use of any X,Y values regardless if they are on a particular projection or not.

Others have requested different datum to collect from and even direct projection translation in the software, but I think that is a mistake because it makes the system so much more complicated. Just shoot from wgs84 and localize to generic X,Y.

Hi @arkeston,

Thanks for the request! As Michael said, it’s rather popular. I’ve replied a similar question here:

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