External standalone integration onto Yuneec H520

Hi guys,

I’d like to set up a Reach M+ or M2 as a standalone external sensor on my Yuneec H520. My main objective is to take nadir video for science experiment with the Reach sensor as PPK. How can I go about getting a timestamp or trigger of when my video started/stopped? Can the GPS time of Yuneec be used to marry it to the Reach logs? Thank you.

I custom made a module using 3M Industrial Hook and Loop that is not the most professional, but it works like a charm. You then use GeoSetter to marry the GNSS track from the PPK. I have never tried a video and have never seen a track georeferenced video, but I am sure it’s out there.

Excellent! I actually found a comment you made on Yuneec Forums and had PM’ed you about it there. I’ll read through your post now.


Hi @roly,

I just want to point out that Yuneec H520 standard camera doesn’t provide hot-shoe access. So there is no easy way to get precise time marks when a video started or stopped.

However, the workaround suggested by Michael looks good. Please, keep us posted on the results of your scientific experiment :blush:


I am waiting for the RTK (in my case PPK) to be released, but it is one month behind now. There was a mention of me sending in one of my H520’s to get converted, but that hit a dead end. I have looked internally and there is an LED that I could sensor, but I am not that technically advanced.

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