External GPS NMEA via UDP

My project (a boat actually) is used for high end mapping and I already have a Survey grade GNSS (GPS/GLONASS/BEIDOU) RTK Receiver installed using full Network RTK via NTRIP. The GNSS unit is already sending the NMEA data to a UDP port. Would it be possible to get the Raspberry Pi to read that stream and then feed that into the Navio2? I have 1cm positioning at 20Hz available to me, I would like to utilize it rather than using the on board GPS.

did you make some progress? i need to use rtk frames over a network too.

No. However I am having a chat with a guy that is good with the Pi to see what he can do. If I get anywhere, I will post the results.

I believe that using -E switch (second GPS) when running ArduPilot should do the trick. -E udp:[IP]:[PORT].

thanks! do you know what kind of nmea sentence the Navio 2 needs? Will it be “NMEA GPRMC, GPGGA, GPGSV” like the REACH RTK does?

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