Extending WiFi range of M2

I have a new M2 module that I wish to use as a base station sending corrections over WiFi to my router.

The router is my living room and I wish to locate the base station just outside about 10 feet away. Unfortunately, the signal through the wall outside is very weak and not reliable. Inside the signal is only strong when the M2 is in the same room.

I am using a High Accuracy 44dB/42dB GNSS Multiband Antenna for satellite reception. I am not using a LoRA radio. There is no issue getting good sat. signals.

Any suggestions on how I can increase the WiFi reception signal strength? Do I need a special WiFi antenna?

BTW: The router is a Netgear Orbi SXR80. My phone and iPad next to the M2 have full signal strength.

Is your M2 in an enclosure? Mine is and loses connection at about 15-20ft as well. Have you thought about a Wi-Fi extender? I installed one on my back patio and am able to connect, just barely.

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Michael – yes it is in the Mettatec Base Station enclosure kit. Putting it in their enclosure significantly reduces the wifi range/signal. I contacted them this morning and they said it is a trade off of their design! Their product is otherwise beautifully engineered and probably works great for LoRa use but unfortunately, I am using the Reach RX rover relying on internet corrections.

I wish they had mentioned this deficiency before I bought it. I would purchased a RS2 instead. As you suggest, I am going to try an outdoor range extender to give me an extra effective 5 feet of range.

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Here’s something that might work… I’ve been looking to setup base at house. My main problem are trees near the house. I do need to cut down, but at my age I’ll think I’ll hire someone. I’m still going to have to make a mount at least 5’ tall for antenna.

I’ve got 3 of their radios. Best radios in the world, very dependable, great SW/AM receivers. I believe all their stuff is made in the USA by themselves.


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Looks like a good solution - because the distance for me us less than 20 feet outside, I am going to try a low cost power over Ethernet “POE” outdoor range extender to see it if works.

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Hi William,

In addition to other suggestions, you can also use LAN adapter to provide Reach M2 with the internet. It allows you to not depend on Wi-Fi range because it connects directly to Ethernet cable.

We’ve tested this one, and it worked fine. It can connect via USB-OTG cable, and you’ll also need to power Reach from JST-GH port because USB port will be occupied.

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Kirill, good suggestion - the M2 is currently powered via C1 - does that also provide power to the usb port? Also I am not sure the Mettatec enclosure has enough room for the Ethernet adapter and USB to Micro-USB converter.

This weekend I had success placing an outdoor Wi-Fi access point antenna laying on the ground under the base station - strangely it wouldnt work when the access point antenna was at the same level as the base station.

The Mettatec enclosure is kinda like a Faraday cage but the bottom of the case is plastic which is why the access point antenna works well when underneath.

That would work but the Wi-Fi range is acceptable outside of the enclosure and none of this will fit inside.

I had hell with this yesterday. I had to get my extender within 3ft for it to connect to my network. I think I’m just going to put in the work and use the antenna from the enclosure to make an external antenna and run the cabling.

Lesson learned - avoid using metal case enclosure for M2!

Hi Kirill!

C1, C2, S2 port can also use power?

Hi William,

Sure, when Reach is powered over one of JST-GH ports, it will pass power to devices connected to Micro-USB OTG port.

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Hi @lipisoftware,

You can power Reach via these ports as well. But if you intend to attach an external device to one of them and power Reach via S1, we can’t guarantee that the attached device will be powered. We recommend powering external devices separately if they’re not connected to the Micro-USB port.

Here’s a setup that works. By placing the range extender directly under the base station, it gets a strong signal and works perfectly with the Emlid caster.


Would it be possible to set the antenna outside and run the cable through the wall with the M2 inside and closer to the wifi router? I’ve ordered an M2 a few weeks ago and had intended to set up a base station in that configuration.

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SMA to MCX connector or 5m TNC-MCX cable


Is there a point at which the cable becomes too long and can cause issues?

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3m cable, Harxon GPS-500 antenna and M2 works without problems


I’m using 50 foot cat6 cable made for outdoor use. I imagine it could work at much longer lengths.


Thanks William! I’m looking specifically for the antenna cable as @lipisoftware recommended but I would need more than 5m so i’ll have to do a little more research.

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