Extending Reach WiFi range

Does somebody know a good way to extend Reach WiFi range?

My first guess was to conect an external wifi antenna on the Edison connector, but I then understood that to do so, I need to desolder the 0R resistor in series with the onboard ceramical antenna. This will be my last option, since I do not want to maybe damage the board.

The Reach units are inexpensive relative to dual frequency units, but I would be much more in favor of low cost Radio transceivers than risking damage to your Reach unit…

See DOCs https://docs.emlid.com/reach/hardware-integration/

I’m mainly using PPK, so my goal is to extend the WiFi range so I can take the RAW logs from both Base and Rover.

In my application the access to both Base and Rover is difficult.

How far do you want to communicate? Static or Kinematic Rover?
By access is difficult, can you get how close to Rover. How close to Base? What is you normal mode of operation?

Both static.

The range is not the main problem, it’s less than 20m.

The main problem is that the Reach units are inside carbon-fiber cases, and those cases have a big impact on the range (with the Reachs inside them, the range lowers to about 2m).

My solution to this problem would be to add an external antenna.

OK. I See the problem. Carbon Fiber sounds like an insulator because it’s so light and we think fiber is always an insulator. It actually has quite a bit of conductivity. So, you’re saying it’s almost as though the Reach units are in an aluminum housing as far as RF is concerned.

I am running at about 20M between units using a standard cellphone hotspot halfway between units. However, I have the Reach Rover and Base inside plastic protective cases that have low RF losses.

Exactly. That’s why we are thinking about placing an external antenna attached to that case.

I see the problem… Good luck!!

Solved here: About an external wifi antenna on Reach - #8 by patrickelectric

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