About an external wifi antenna on Reach

Hi, It would be possible plug any external wifi antenna on Reach/Edison device?
I can see a connector on Edison Board, but I read that using that you may disable the internal wifi antenna.

Any suggestion?


No, it is not possible, here’s what Intel says about the it:

The internal antenna versions also have a u.FL connector on the board, but it is only used as a manufacturing test point. Do not connect an external antenna to a board with an internal antenna.

Ok, that was I read about it… It would be better to get more wifi signal as far as possible of a building and then getting more sat. visibility…

G’day Guys,

I’ve done this and it works perfectly; the key is to remove the zero ohm resistor that is in series with the chip antenna.

This thread provides a little more info -



can you advise how far it improved the range by? Do you have any photos of the mod?

I am interested in this also. Does anyone have feedback on how much it can be improved with a 5dB omni antenna for example?

Also, @mikhail.avkhimenia , do you have any more information on this kind of modification or other ways to improve wifi range?

Can u send a picture or more detailed information on how to identify the 0 ohm resistor or any other useful indications?

I and @rafael.lehmkuhl added an external antenna, it’s necessary to cut the connection between the external connection and the 0 ohm resistor.

  • In-circuit antenna.
    • 10 cm : -30dBm
    • 5 m : -62dBm
  • External antenna.
    • 10 cm : -31dBm
    • 5 m : -52dBm

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