Export KML

hi emlid
please export my kml so I can use it as a base point
20220621143718_Sites.zip (265.4 KB)

Hi @sahatmanikesri,

I’ve converted your KML to CSV. You can import it to the project with Global CS as a coordinate system:

Sites.zip (5.1 KB)


Were you able to import this file into ReachView 3?

why the elevation is not there

I found the Height column in your KML, but it’s 10 for all points. Is it correct?
Sites.zip (5.1 KB)

why different

I’ve just converted the KML you shared. It contains only Latitude and Longitude as coordinates. So, it seems there is no easy way to extract height from there.

If you have this data in another format, I can check it. But you can also enter these coordinates manually and use them for a base.

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