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hi emlid
I want to buy 2 units of RS2 for surveys and 1 unit for the Phantom 4pro drone. what should i buy?
may i ask for the official address of the emlid seller’s shop in indonesia

Hi @sahatmanikesri ,

Feel free to contact Avirtech for your purchase. They are active in Indonesia.
Avirtech EMLID REACH RS2 - Precision Agriculture Technology Company

Hi @sahatmanikesri,

If you’re looking into integrating your Reach RS2 with a DJI drone, I suggest checking out our guide about it: DJI Phantom 4 RTK and Reach RS2 base integration.

You can just use one of Reach RS2 as a base for it. No need to buy a third unit, if you already plan on collecting two Reach RS2 :wink:

Regarding the dealers, you can check out Avirtech, as Florian suggested. However, we do have two more dealers in Indonesia:

You can look up all of our dealers on our special dealer page on the website.

I have received an offer from Halorobot. My plan is to buy 3 units of RS2. and 1 unit reach M2
My question is whether reach M2 can also be used as a basis for other RS2 to work as explorers, because our plantation survey team has a very large area.
I mean if you use 3 Rs2 as an explorer then we will work faster in the field

Hi @sahatmanikesri,

Sure, you can use M2 as a base for RS2 as they both are multiband. Pay attention that to connect them via the LoRa radio you will need an external LoRa module for the Reach M2.

Also, M2 may be a bit harder to place correctly on the pole, with the external antenna and an external power supply needed. However, you can check out some of the setups our users shared on the forum here - they’re real gems!

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