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Hey guys,

I’m doing some projects with the Reach RS+ for an university thesis.
So I have some different questions and I hope that some of you can give me a little help!
1.) I’ve done a test measuring in a wooden areal and I’ve got pretty quick a fixed solution. Two days later I tried do do measurements on a roof top in an urban area and it switched only between single and float.

2.) Set Base and set rover. How is the best workflow that I can set my base and start measuring with my rover? Until now I allways set my base and then it was tricky to start to measure with my rover but I dont knoow why?
–> Should my base allways be static and my rover kinematic if I want to measure RTK? Or do they need the same settings?

3.) How is the communication via NTRIP working? I treid to communicate with a virtual reference station but I allways got the “connect error (101)”.

4.) The most important question for me at least!
Is it possible that I measure kinematic as long as I move and I change the RTK-mode to static when I survey points or isn’t it?
And how canI get point lists after Post-Processing, say point list from my post processed data?
I allways just get them kinematic post processed date while I’m interested in static data.

I hope I get some answers from you und thank you!!

I’ll take a stab, but just according to my experience level so i’m sure others will chime in.

  1. Where was the base in relation to the roof top? If it was down low then that may be causing issues with the LoRa signal stability.

  2. Always setup the base first to allow it to collect good satellite coverage. At least 5-10 minutes then have it start the point averaging or enter your known coordinates. Once the base point is set then setup your rover. I run my base in Kinematic and Fix-and-Hold.

  3. I think error 101 might be your receivers connection to the internet. Can you verify that it was connected?

  4. Kinematic and Fix-and-Hold here as well for me. Is there a reason you are wanting PPK instead of using the RTK and the Survey feature? You can collect logs at the same time, but as long as you have a fix then you shouldn’t have to PPK. If you do PPK then you might check out the thread below on the custom program that is being built to extract points. Seems to be working well for others.

Thank you for the answer!

  1. It was on the same level, also on the rooftop, about 20 m away

  2. I’ve tried it for longer than 10 minutes.

  3. No but on field is it not possible to connect my phone to gsm while I’m connected with the rover, I dont’t know why.

  4. Yes, I wan’T to track my movement for evaluating best solution ways in wooden areas but the mean gain is to store points, so I need both, best in a combined way.

No problem!

  1. What kind of roof? Wood, metal. What kind of structure? Wood framing, steel.

  2. You might want to try adjusting the constellations you are using. I have trouble with GLONASS sometimes and get the fix back if I turn them off.

  3. Are you connecting to the Reach hotspot or the Reach to your device’s hotspot?

  4. I’ll have to take a look, but I thought maybe the survey solution has an auto-topo. I might be confusing it with my Topcon Magnet…

Hi @maxsommer94,

May I ask you to post here photos of your hardware setup and environment?

Have you already seen our Base and rover setup video guide?

I’d recommend setting the base unit to Static and the rover to Kinematic.

As @michaelL said, you need to connect your Reach to the network with the Internet to get corrections from NTRIP. You can use, for example, your phone hotspot.

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Not trying to hijack the thread, but I think I have been running my base in kinematic… Is that ok if I am not doing RTK and just for PPK logging?

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The choice of Single, Kinematic, Static in ReachView is one that falls under RTK Settings / RTK. As such, those settings only affect the processed result (your .POS file).

So, for the rover those settings matter and should be carefully set. For the base they don’t matter at all. But, if for some reason you are logging a .POS file on the base, then you should be setting them properly.

Also, under the same tab RTK Settings / GNSS select & Update rate. Those settings do affect both base and rover and they should always be carefully set.


Thanks @bide. When I post-process I use the NAV file from the drone (rover) and my RTK Settings are,

Rover - Kinematic, Fix-and-Hold, Glonass AR Off and GPS Only @ 14hz
Base - Kinematic, Fix-and-Hold, Glonass AR Off and GPS Only @ 1hz

What do you think?

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Totally fine.

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