Event logging - no events output with no solution?

I have run into an issue with the event logging output file. Using the latest versions of the emlid RTKLib and Reachview 2.2.6

The problem is that when processing the flight logs with (the emlid) version of RTKPost, no event is logged if no solution was generated. I recently carrried out a survey flight, and interference meant that I was not able to generate a complete solution for the flight.

Unfortunately the missing solutions make it very difficult to make any use of the event logs for which a position was generated, as the events with missing solutions are not noted in the output.

Additionally, having a compete file with every event logged would imediately make it clear that the event logging was working properly. The problem was obvious in this case as large sections of the flight had no solution, but if a single image early on in the flight was missing, it’s potentially missable and will thrwo off the rest of the geotags…

Ideally the software would produce an event position file with the event time and a null position if no solution could be calculated due to missing data. If the software could combine results from single/DGPS/Kinematic runs of RKPost and give a position file with the best quality solution form each event, that would be even more robust.

Logs attached, with OSNet RINEX, SP3 and IONEX for good measure…There were 344 images in the set.

Thanks very much,

problem flight logs.zip (7.8 MB)

Hi Charlie,

I understand your point. Indeed it would be good to output an event without solution to a pos file.

As a workaround you could get a full list of events by searching the .obs file for " 5 0". I can see 344 events in RINEX file that you have uploaded.

Thanks very much - I got a full set of single solutions out of the data in the end, which was enough. I suppose I could now align the kinematic fix/floats with them and upgrade the solutions if needed. Good to know another workaround though.


Hi Igor - I just tried to do this (oddly seem to have had a flight with no events recorded, though the system seems to be triggering ok on the ground), and cannot figure out quite what you mean by " 5 0" - when I search the file in the post above for that string I don’t return any matches? Thanks very much.

.obs file from the flight today with no event markers attached…

raw_201704231417.zip (3.0 MB)

@igor.vereninov how is it possible to count the events in .obs ?
I downloaded problem flight logs.zip8 and was not possible to find " 5 0"



This is how a event look like. @Charlie_Robinson

Nice one :slight_smile: