Estimation of feasibility - (EZ)WBC on Navio2/RP3B+


My goal is to enable WBC functionality on Navio2 and RP3B+. In the process I would like to backport existing EZ-Wifibroadcast functionallity, in particular sideband telmetry, RX-side OSD and RX diversity. I’m a developer and am willing to spend 6 months part-time on this.

Question to the Navio staff: What major roadblocks will I be facing? I already know WBC support was removed with latest image. I assume this is because kernel patches for WBC conflicted with RP3B+ support, and for this reason EZWBC also presently has no support for this board.

I am assuming here that the latest image runs your forked RT kernel from your repo, and patching this would be the primary obstacle, followed by porting the software from EZWBC.

(Tatiana Andreeva) #3

Hi @wubbalubbadubdub,

You can patch Navio2 4.14 image or build the previous 4.9 image with WBC support. I’m afraid that’s all I can recommend you.

Maybe somebody from our users tried to implement something similar.


Thanks @tatiana.andreeva

I’ll try patching and replacing the kernel. Could you ask around the office for the rationale why WBC was removed from the latest image in the first place?

(Tatiana Andreeva) #5

Hi @wubbalubbadubdub,

WBC wasn’t included in the latest image in order to optimize it.