Erratic gimbal movement

I have seen various threads here about that.
When I try to use my motorised gimbal, It moves erratically (Setting via the Camera Gimal setup or setting channel 5/6 to passtrought).
Is there any solution for that or not?
From what I read : “We are working on an update for Navio2 that will allow 50Hz output on 10ch-14ch, that should be ready in about 2 weeks” (Posted 23days ago).
My Gimal is not able to handle 490Hz, but 50Hz.


This update is not ready yet, all our efforts are currently towards delivering a new image with Raspberry Pi 3 support. This issue will be next.

Fair enough, but any timing idea?This is a basic feature, I am a bit surprised that Raspi 3 is a priority.Just my honest word.

There is one nasty bug that we are after and it is really hard to predict how long it would take to fix it. Could take a day or weeks. I can assure you that we are doing our best to deliver updates as soon as possible.

Can you please point me out the related code? I can have a look when I have some time.