Emlid Survey Pole—a Portable and Handy Accessory for Your Reach Receivers

Hi everyone!

From time to time, we’ve come across your questions about a proper survey pole (as in Compact GPS pole; Pole/Tripod: Reach RS+; Recommended RS+ Survey Setup, Pole and Tripod Selection; Survey pole, bipod, tripod etc good suggestions threads). And these questions didn’t go unnoticed! Today we are excited to announce our new accessory—the Emlid Survey Pole! It’s available for order in our online store.

We designed a lightweight and foldable survey pole to make your fieldwork easier. It perfectly fits when you need to walk with the pole for a long distance and over rough forestry or mountainous terrain. It also comes useful when you carry the pole in a checked-in luggage bag for your expeditions.

The foldable pole’s length is 0.74 m, while the full length is 1.8 m. With a total weight of 0.79 kg, the pole has a payload capacity of 10 kg. The three-section aluminum construction delivers reliable stability with the help of solid flip locks.

The Emlid Survey Pole is compatible with any 5/8" equipment, including Reach RS2 receivers. It also can be used with Reach RS+ and other geodetic equipment via a thread.

What’s more, the pole comes with a carrying bag—all for $199.

You can explore the Emlid Survey Pole and order the accessory in our online store.

And, of course, we are looking forward to hearing about your fieldwork with the new tool!


Great work! I’ve been using mine and loving it. The little plastic box (protector) in the bottom of the bag is a great idea! I really like that simple feature of the bag so it’s not destroyed by the sharp point of the survey pole. Also, the weight of the pole and balance is superb.


Having “beta-tested” it, even if I wanted to provide some constructive criticism, I couldn’t find much to say. It’s been pretty much flawless until now.


I’ve used it off and on for a couple months and first thing is that it is not 2 meters. Also noticed that over time the clamps start to loosen and as you are traversing it starts to get a little shorter. Especially when I put it on my truck mount. I will probably drill a few pin holes in it. It is also not a standard diameter so you can’t change bubbles unless someone finds something in an odd size and my bipod will not fit. I probably won’t put it in the field with our supervisors but it is very nice for light use on the run.

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