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In order to tag coordinates within photos using Emlid Studio, what is needed? Is there a tutorial explaining the process?

Hi @Seth.Z,

At the moment, Emlid Studio doesn’t provide the geotagging feature. Currently, to add a position to the photo’s metadata, you can use one of the free apps. For example, GeoSetter. To work with it, you need photos and *_events.gpx file with events. You can convert the POS file to GPX using our version of RTKLib. This guide from our docs describes how to do it and how to geotag photos in GeoSetter.

Do you know what data columns are required in the original POS file before converting to GPX?

Hi @Seth.Z,

We always used .pos files generated by RTKLib. I haven’t ever tried to cut some fields to check how it works.

In your workflow, do you receive .pos files any other way?

Yes I can create one based on the data I need such as date, time, lat, long, height and so on. That’s what I’m curious to know what it needs. I did see another part of the tutorial earlier than this section explaining how to create the event.pos file from rinex files. I’m going to try that.

So I’m trying to use Geosetter and it has worked but the lat, long, altitude are being saved as Sexagesimal vs Decimal, and Drone Deploy isn’t recognizing them. Do you know how to get Geosetter to use decimal lat, long, altitude in the EXIF writing?

Hi @Seth.Z

Do you mean GPS post-processing guide?

Wow, I’ve never paid to mind that such an option may affect future processing. I believe that you’d better contact GeoSetter support. They should shed light on this setting location.

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Thanks. I’ve tried to email them and havent heard back.

You know, this would be a great time saving feature for 3D photogrammetry work.

I sure could use it…

Hi @stephen.dol,

Glad to see you on the community forum.

We’ve received several requests about adding a geotagging feature to our Emlid Studio software. So now we are researching it, and additional suggestions from you can help us do exactly what is needed :slight_smile:

The way I see it, you need support decimal coordinates to the photos’ metadata. Do you work with Drone Deploy? If not, please share which software you use. We need it to check its requirements as well.

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