Multiple point processing

Will Emlid add multiple point processing and vector adjustments to Emlid Studio? Those are basic functions in a pro-grade PP app.


For a free tool, that is a lot to ask :wink:


South provides a free GNSS multi-point processor when you buy their GNSS units that’s based on the RTKLib engine. It’s available for about $500 for other users. Sokkia provides a free multi-point processing software. Ashtech provides a free multipoint processing engine. I am currently using Topcon Magnet. So to answer your question, it’s not a lot to ask.

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Hi Juan,

Thanks for sharing your idea.

We understand that the multiple point processing feature is quite valuable and needed. But it’s also complicated, as it uses non-trivial algorithms of calculating. So it takes some time to research.

However, we’ll note your request and take it into account in planning.