Emlid Studio "Stop and Go with Emlid Flow" ZERO POINTS FOUND


I am new to surveying and with Emlid. I am having issues with processing my data with Emlid Studio using Stop and Go with Emlid flow. When I placed my CSV file against my rover and base data it says “0-13 points averaged.”

Also note that when I initially did my survey I input the wrong coordinates on my base over a known point. I did re-corrected on Emlid studio but still no result.

I went ahead and placed a link to my project if anyone can help with this issue.


Hi Stephen,

Welcome to our community!

The reason is that the points in the CSV file weren’t averaged but collected instantly. They must be averaged for the Stop & Go workflow:

I’ve edited your CSV file by adding 1 second to the averaging end. You can use it for post-processing the data.

Just in case, I also processed the data using the following settings in Emlid Studio:

I got 79.4% of FIX in the pos file and 11 points out of 13 were improved to the FIX solutions:

You can find the resulting files and the edited CSV in the zip archive below.
Stephen Librando 35831.zip (199.5 KB)

Thank you so much!

Thank you again for being able to help me out.

I do have a follow up question. I am processing a top down map of this area. I noticed that in the corrected CSV it has missing points. Specifically points over established GCPs. Am I able to retrieve these points and process according to the original position (LLH files)?

Hi Stephen,

If points were collected with the SINGLE solution, you’ll see the same status in the original Position log. So they will have a meter accuracy. It won’t help you to get precise rover coordinates.

I’ve decided to process this particular part of the log. To cover the time span when these two uncorrected GCPs were collected, I’ve chosen a 5-minute period from 00:16 to 00:21 (approximately 10:15:42 - 10:20:42 UTC time):

Then I applied the following settings in Emlid Studio

and achieved 99.6% of FIX solutions in the pos file:

The rest two GCPs were improved to the FIX solution using this pos file. You can find the resulting files in the zip archive below.
SL last 2 GCPs.zip (37.1 KB)