Stop&Go zero points found

Hello, I am having a similar problem to Stephen. I collected my data points instantaneously (averaging time is zero), and have 1 sample for each point. I was wondering if there was any way to fix the data without having to recollect points?

Here is my workflow:

  1. complete static processing to obtain corrected base elevation and location
  2. complete part 1 of stop and go processing to obtain corrected rover elevation and location
  3. I try to upload the emlid flow file at this step, and the error message says 0 out of 250 points were averaged, since I only have 1 sample for each.

I have uploaded the data files to google drive here: EMLID files - Google Drive

Thank you!

im not sure if i understand you -my english is not good- correct me if im wrong:

  1. You want to process static data of your base, from a cors station.

  2. Process stop and go data for points in your csv file, from a continuos survey: you got 0 (cero) fix points.

  • i failed to process data from cors and your base/rover
  • success procesing data from your base and rover on kinematic, but 0 points fixed.

    paid atention to date and time
  • put your points (csv file) on top of kinematic data

    this seems strange to me
  • checked your csv

idk, maybe your rinex files and your csv got mixed? again, my english is not good, so i dont fully understand you.

hope you get some more qualified person on this. good luck.

ps: no base navigation file?

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Hi Hannah,

Welcome to the community forum.

We have checked your data and got a 100% fix as well, but as @Diego_a mentioned, it looks like the date of the base/rover and CSV file don’t correlate, which is why 0 points were found. Do you have base/rover data for this period?

You also mentioned that the points were collected instantly without averaging. In this case, Emlid Studio can’t correlate the epochs from the POS file with these averaging periods. You can fix this by adjusting the Averaging end time in the CSV file by adding a few seconds to it.

I also see data from the CORS, but the date doesn’t correlate with the CSV file, so it can’t be used for Stop&Go.

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