Emlid Studio Metadata not working with DroneDeploy

Hi all,
has anyone had any difficulty getting Emlid Studio to output photos that are compatible with DroneDeploy? I have finally got my PPK setup working with 100% fix, but am stumbling at updating the EXIF data.

When I update the data after PPK, Dronedeploy will not accept the photos. Has anyone else had this issue? Dronedeploy say its an Emlid issue and havnt heard back from Emlid yet.

Any help would be appreciated.

Settings in Emlid Studio:

I then go into the events file, remove all junk timestamps and update EXIF.

UBX files and modified and unmodified pictures:

Dronedeploy Error:

At least a difference in Metashape is visible.
Left is the corrected, right your “raw” shots.

Trying process now to see if I can see RTK-ish precision on the cameras.

hmm, my elevation is abit out

Well, it does seem a bit off in general, but much less than the previous job, I’d say.

Do you have ground control on this ?

so, is it something I’m doing or is it Emlid and Dronedeploy?

At this point in time I not really sure. At least I see a change from your raw to your corrected, which it seems Dronedeploy just ignores completely instead :smiley:

Actually, upon looking into metadata, it seems that only the height has changed! So maybe it is indeed an Emlid Studio issue.
I’ll see if get some time to run it through EzSurv for camera-positions.

I am getting 752 trigger events, but only see 523 images, so more or less impossible to check precision as well, as I can’t retag the images correctly?

I got the right amount of events, minus 2 for batteries. 523 was right for me

Interesting ! Maybe it is my version of rtklib…

What events are you manually removing?

All events at lower altitudes, eg initial take off photos and events T that height that occur when a battery change happens

I’m talking to DD product development as well. Right on time before I need it. Literally flying the mission today. :slight_smile:

Alright, So EzSurv changes the all of them (visible from Windows File Properties), but for some reason Metashape only sees the changes in Lat/Lon, not in height.
So, instead I did a CSV import of the camera-locations which gave me a 10 cm average error. Could have been worse, but still not really great.

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ah i missed your GCP question. No, it was too boggy to drive into.
I only needed the volumes so didnt bother, but I will need it to work on Tuesday.
I’ll have one with lots of GCPs on Wednesday.

is it emlid studio or something I am doing?

How did you go?

Well I never fully got the bird ready so my flight didn’t happen but they are both aware of the issue and in contact so hopefully we’ll see something next week. I know DroneDeploy has some initiative to have a PPK workflow themselves and this is the most likely mechanism in my opinion.

Could you elaborate on this please?

should I contact Emlid directly about this? I’m busting to get answers

Hi Joe,

I’m looking into your data to see if I can notice something unusual from the Emlid Studio side. Also, I’m in contact with DroneDeploy regarding your case. I believe we’ll figure it out. I’ll write you once we find something or in case we need any additional details from you.