Emlid studio error while geotagging photos

dear all, my name is lisa. I have an issue regarding emlid studio. it’s my first time using emlid studio to proccess ppk.
I have a problem when using “geotagging” feature to geotag my photos. it’s say that my folder must contain 1027 photos, when my photos in my selected folder contains the exact (1027) amount of photos. here the screenshot. is anyone ever experince this issue? thank you for your kind a


Hi Lisa,

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As I see, the folder in the first screenshot is called drone photo, while you upload the foto folder to Emlid Studio. Do these folders contain the same data?

If you can share the data with me, please send it here or to our email conversation. This way, it’ll be much easier to see what could go wrong. I’d suggest using a file exchange service such as WeTransfer.

hi kseniia
yes, it’s the same data. I just rename it when I made the screenshot, but before the folder name is “foto” :sweat_smile:

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Just wanted to leave an update here. I can process the same data fine in Emlid Studio 1 Beta 10, so the issue doesn’t seem software-related. We’ve continued the investigation with Lisa via email to share the data securely.

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Hello people, did you find a solution for this issue, I have the same issue on a Macbook Air M1, Emlid studio 1 beta 10

Hi Remco,

Issues that look similar at first sight can have different roots. Let’s look into what happens in your case separately. I’ve written you in your thread: we can continue the investigation there.

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